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Open Real Estate


Open Real Estate CMS is a free script ( web software, cms ) for building websites of real estate agencies and realtors. It is based on Yii CMF - one of the fast working modern frameworks.

What are the advantages of Open Real Estate CMS?

This product prevails over others cause it is easy to use and to administrate. Another characteristic feature of Open Real Estate CMS is its fast work. The product does not have any kind of bugs, this fact guarantees its quality. Furthermore, as soon as you begin to use Open Real Estate CMS, you will accept that it is a modern technological instrument for site building.

Open Real Estate is a ready-to-use business solution. It can increase the profits of the real estate agency and the real estate agents as well. 

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download icon Download Open Real Estate CMS - English version (v.1.15.3 dated from January 31, 2016)

The Russian version of Open Real Estate CMS ( v.1.15.3 dated from January 31, 2016 )

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 * Online demo of paid PRO version - read more about version with multilingual and multi-currency settings
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The official website of the product - 

We did our best to make the CMS convenient for users and the administrator. Now it has the following advantages:

  • ability to add listings of property for sale and for rent in different currencies;
  • simple and nice design;
  • easy viewing of property images;
  • quick work of the site;
  • simple control panel;
  • online property booking (ability to sent a notify to site administrator);
  • easy search through all listings.

Full list of product’s features:

  • it is possible to post listings of property for sale and for rent with images, descriptions, displaying on the map;
  • user is able to reserve a property online;
  • user is able to send a message for booking a property with criteria he/she needs and his/her comments, the administrator is able to find and advise him/her an appropriate real estate;
  • search through listings, sort by price and rate;
  • all listings are displayed on the map;
  • users can post comments and rate the listings;
  • comments and rates can be displayed on the site at once or only after moderation by the administrator;
  • each listing can have an image gallery (unlimited number of images);
  • user can set a bookmark with publishing in social networks;
  • the section News;
  • the section Q&As;
  • management of site pages, ability to embed widgets (functional blocks) into pages;
  • the listing can be marked as Special offer, and such a listing will be highlighted in search results;
  • management of site parameters: cache settings, maps settings, settings of listings’ displaying, settings of notifications for the administrator and users and many other parameters;
  • "print version";
  • [paid module] module "SEO";
  • [paid module] module of paid services & payments receiving on the site;
  • [paid module] module for management of the Slide-show on the home page;
  • [paid module] module of Calendar for booking a property;
  • [paid module] module of Site map (html and xml formats for Google and Yandex);
  • [paid module] module of Advertising banners;
  • [paid module] module 'Import/Export of listings';
  • [paid module] module 'Location' lets to use a bunch 'country-region-city' for search and setting the location of a property'
  • [paid module] module of interaction with the service 'Yandex.Realty';
  • [paid module] module 'The extended form editor';
  • [paid module] module 'Posting of listings on social media';
  • [paid module] "Atlas" - responsive template';
  • [paid module] module 'Inner correspondence';
  • [paid module] module 'Tariff Plans';
  • [paid module] module 'Role-Based Access Control';

The website is WAITING for you to download! It is easy to install - read the Installation Guide. Post your listings and upload property images to start working!