How to Configure the services of automatic posting on

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How to Configure the services of automatic posting on

Postby dollwear » 12 Mar 2016, 06:01

who can tell me how to Configure the services of automatic posting on in admin cpanel.
which is the detail step ?or For exsample

Thank you
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Re: How to Configure the services of automatic posting on vk

Postby support » 15 Mar 2016, 08:42


Twitter authorization setting:
1) Authorize in Twitter
2) Open the page
3) Add application
4) Add to application permissions to read, write, and direct messaging. For that, you're supposed to put your phone number here: ... nt-via-web
5) Insert API key and API secret in the admin panel
6) Insert Access token and Access token secret. If you don't have any, generate them by clicking on "Create my access token" in API Keys tab.
7) Activate 'Use Twitter authorization' authorization setting:
1) Authorize in
2) Add appication here ( Standalone ) -
3) Insert application identifier in the admin panel.
4) Insert user's ID in the admin panel ('My settings' area)
5) Get Token by the link - ... type=token
where YOUR_APPLICATION_ID is application indetifier
Once the token is put into the browser, you will see a set of characters after "#access_token=" and until "&expires_in"
6) Insert the received token in the admin panel
7) Activate 'Use VKontakte authorization'
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