Errors of the version 1.25.7

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Re: Errors of the version 1.25.7

Postby Foton » 29 Oct 2019, 13:52

We have already answered you by email
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Re: Errors of the version 1.25.7

Postby marco78 » 23 Feb 2020, 03:20

Dear friends,
i want to use arabic language in my website , i have already activated the arabic language from admin menu , i have clicked in the little RTL box, but the style of arabic language in the main page still LTR, this is annoying for arabic clients , i got an advice from friend to go to( basis -- -- style.css ) and to make a change which is
( direction: ltr; ) to be ( direction: rtl; ) , only the sentences in arabic language became correct but the slider in the main page does not display any photo, in the end the style still LTR .
what changes i should do to fix this issue ? i see that in your demo this issue is not even existed, all blocks, sentences and images are in correct RTL style .
another question plz .
why adding new payment system is not possible in admin menu ? i can only use paypal , robokassa is for russian speaking area not able to be used in the middle east or in europe .
my point is: in some countries users can not use even paypal .. thats why i want to add a local payment system for users who can not use paypal. hope you can tell us the way so we can add any payment system we need ,
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