These darker tones are complemented by the orange color

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These darker tones are complemented by the orange color

Postby Twotype222 » 02 Oct 2022, 11:34

If you prefer it without a calendar for your mobile wallpaper..Downloadable calendar: June 2019 Summer is here! The beach, the sea, the waves, the breeze... Those afternoons that turn into nights and that you squeeze to the end. Who does not like a sunset on the beach, watching the sun say goodbye? It is the moment when the crabs come to the surface and walk on the rocks. There in the background we see “that little boat” . He tried to navigate but he couldn't… From there he watched the crabs, every day, when the sun went down and they began their journey.

He was trying, he had set out to sail, see philippines photo editor the world and come back to tell his crab friends what he had seen. Every day a little more, until one day I sail! Thus, in this month that for many means the end of the course, and the prelude to summer, we want to look back and achieve what we had proposed to date , so that we can sit and admire a sunset while the crabs walk through our side. Happy summer. typographic combination For the typography of the numbers we choose a google font , the overpass, a google font with 16 styles within the same family that makes it very complete for use in any project.

For the name of the month, the chosen one is Explorer, a typeface with a thick line and very creative and with a lot of personality. color combination Although we are in a marine environment, we wanted the stony tone to be the one that floods the illustration, since the stones are the favorite place of our friends the crabs. of the most important elements, the sun, the crabs and the little boat. Enjoy this month as a prelude to the summer that it is. Designed by Creative Silo Dimensions 800×480 1024×768 1280×720 1280×800 1440×900 1920×1080 If you prefer it without a calendar for your mobile wallpaper.
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