Errors of the version 1.36.2

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Errors of the version 1.36.2

Postby support » 26 Oct 2022, 12:27

Errors of the version 1.36.2
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Re: Errors of the version 1.36.2

Postby Zach2k » 22 Nov 2022, 11:12

Greetings Monoray team,

I would like to report a bug in the advertisement module: (I have purchased a pro license)

if you have 2 or more ads (same position or different) the views counter updates on the latest ad ONLY, so if you have 3 ads on the same page and every-time you refresh only 1 ad will get more views.

I tested this on your demo and the same results, once you add the 2nd add, the 1st one stop updating views.
would you kindly post a fix.

Thank you
Screen Shot 2022-11-222 at 2.57.13 AM.jpg
screenshot from your demo
Screen Shot 2022-11-222 at 2.57.13 AM.jpg (137.72 KiB) Viewed 38 times
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