Only suggestion for future

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Only suggestion for future

Postby qaona » 05 Jul 2013, 02:33

Excuse me, this is not critical. The software is already great. Very good indeed *THUMBS UP* .
But still want to give simple hints or tips.
Improve the image thumbnails, presenting with standard sizes, all thumbnails with dimensions equal.
Link on the details page, to send the ad to friends by Property form with fields to one friend, or even 3 or more friends at once.
To search form and add property, it would be good to add a field to add neighborhood or area of ​​town.
To search form and add property, it would be good to add a field to add keywords individual property added to the search engines find by region, district, city ad type and other features added to the listing of each advertiser. *WRITE*
thank you
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Re: Only suggestion for future

Postby Koduc » 30 Jul 2013, 11:33

Thank you for tips.
1. There is a little issue with thumbnails. If we will transform images to equal sizes, then images will be cropped and some details of photos will be lost.
2. Yes, this is a good idea.
3. We provide "SEO module" with PRO-version. This module allows to change url, title, keywords and description for each ad.
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