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Improvements suggestions for Open Real Estate

Postby Zee1707 » 07 Apr 2015, 10:27

Hi, Dear Open Real Estate Team,
First of all I would like to congratulate and appreciate the development team of "Open Real Estate" and especially to Pasynkov Andrey Aleksandrovich. ORE is indeed one of the Best Real Estate CMS in the world you have build.

We have installed this script for one of our client in Pakistan. We face a little issues that need to improve for Asian Market.

Issue 1.
Your search is set to minimum 4 characters, but in Pakistan we have many projects having only 3 characters e.g. "DHA" which stands for "Defense Housing Authority" , likewise CDA (Capital Development Authority). EHS, AWT etc. Our Users are used to search with short term so unable to use 3 Character search.

Suggestion 1:
Please allow Minimum 3 Character Search in Search Module

Issue 2.
Islamabad The Capital City of Pakistan has divided its areas in Sectors, such as "F-10", "E-11" or "F-10/1" or E-11/3" etc
Your search for "F-10" does not work since it is using "-" or/and "/" characters, so the actual results are not being searched.

Suggestion 2:
Please consider special characters in search, such as "-" or/and "/" in your Search Module, It shall not be treated as boolean functions.

Issue 3.
As if a City List get longer (Many Cities) in this case a user can not view all city/Cites listed in a page, with there Number of Record Founds, Only it is viewable in Search Module, while clicking on Check Box of City/Cities's Drop Down Menu.

Suggestion 3:
Please Auto generate a new Module of Info Page "For Sell City/Cities" and "For Rent City/Cities",
which will show a list of "City Name (Total No. of Listings)"

Issue 4.
In your Paid "Location Module", you have specify "Country". "Region" and "City", But many big cities in the world having further divisions of a City "Locations", thus it make difficult for an end user to further classify a "Location" of a City.

Suggestion 4:
Please add a new field of "Location" associated with each City, and Auto-load list of Locations when a City is selected. Also Auto generate a new Module of Info Page "For Sell Locations" and "For Rent Locations" of a City,
which will show a list of "Location Name (Total No. of Listings)" with a Title of City.

Issue 5.
In a Search Modules and Apartments, there is a field "Square range:" which is by default set to "M2" /Meter Square, in Many Asian Countries people use "Square Yards" or "Square Feet" instead of "Square Meters"

Suggestion 5:
Allow Square Area to be configure as "Square Yards" or "Square Feet" as well, You may also add an "Area Conversion Calculator" Module

Issue 6.
Your Paid Module url does not have any "Place Order" link with "On line Payment Options"

Suggestion 6:
Please add "Buy This Module" buttons/links under each module with on line Invoice and Payment Options.
You may set Some Special Bundle offers/Discounts for buying more than one Modules. It will enhance your sales.

Issue 7.
Your online Credit Card Payment System such as Paypal does not allow Payments from Pakistan and few other countries

Suggestion 7:
Please Add (Moneybookers)/ (2CheckOut) Merchant account of your business, which allow on line payment transfer from all countries. It will enhance your Business and Customers satisfaction.

Please keep up the good work. With a little more efforts you may grow with more associated projects such as Buy/Sell House Hold Products such as, Vehicle Buy/Sell/Rent CMS, JOBS CMS and Yellow Pages CMS with search on Maps etc.
Thanking you in an anticipation!

Cheers and Warm Regards,

Zahid Ikram
Islamabad, Pakistan
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Re: Improvements suggestions for Open Real Estate

Postby fisher » 07 Apr 2015, 13:03

thank you for the feedback, we will take it into consideration.
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