We use google analytics to evaluate the effectiveness

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We use google analytics to evaluate the effectiveness

Postby mooenali » 02 Oct 2022, 11:20

Yes calls increased including because of the war because the flow of refugees and the demand for their work increased. But such a result could not be achieved if the campaigns did not work efficiently enough. Currently the agency receives 205 more leads than at the beginning of december 2021 and their cost has decreased by 43. This is the result of the agency analyzing the return on advertising in particular in terms of calls. Based on this it optimizes ads and redistributes budgets. Its also an effect of smart campaigns automatically learning from call data. The cost per click decreased by an average of 26. This is due to the fact that the advertising specialist knows which keywords and ads are less effective and can disable some of them.

There have always been many ukrainians in poland employed jewelry retouch service in various jobs and with the war they increased even more. The demand for their work is also increasing so employment agencies are now emphasizing online promotion. Angelika yelina ceo of the wam project agency talks about working with such a project. And how call tracking data helps train smart google ads campaigns. Angelika yelina ceo of wam project advertising agency we have been cooperating with the personnel service company for three months. It is located in wroclaw and specializes in employment of ukrainian citizens in poland. But the main focus of the company is cooperation with major polish brands where 50000 ukrainians have already found employment.


Personnel service website personnel service website the most difficult point in the companys business processes is the long chain of application processing. Clients can apply through a large number of channels write in social networks mail call. We download all these applications and then forward them to the recruiters to process them. Our agency promotes personnel service through contextual advertising facebook and instagram campaigns. of advertising — but this is not enough for the project. This is a business to which part of the customers contact by phone. When a person has an urgent need for employment the hot ice will be a call.
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