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Customize your model Website templates may initially look t

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2022, 14:52
by RjRemon
customize them with your own content. After all, the overall website design sets the mood for your guests as they browse your homepage. Strikingly provides you with ready-to-use templates that you can customize with drag-and-drop functionality. You can choose your favorite website elements and place them in your favorite locations. Drag and drop functionality is an important feature of Strikingly because it saves you a lot of time in designing. You can also change the color scheme of the website according to your own theme. drag drop Image taken from Strikingly You can choose a design that reflects your relationship and also sets the mood for your big occasion. Guests should know right away what to expect from your big day. Here are some of the ways you can customize your website template.

Consider the same color scheme you chose for your wedding If you have chosen a particular font for your invitations, see if you can use the same font for your website 4) Create your content When creating a wedding website, you need to know the content you need to create. You can create a gallery section on background remove service your website to display your pre-wedding photos. You can add photos of yourself, your partner, your family and your loved ones on your big occasion. Itineraries are probably the most important on a wedding website. For example, you can highlight the following aspects: Start times Pitches Dress codes Transportation details Mike and Aisha Image taken from a Strikingly user's site You need to add your wedding venue details. If your wedding is outside of your city, you should include all directions leading to your guests' destination .

If there are hotels near your wedding venue, you can let your guests know so they can stay there for a few days. As we are still living with COVID-19 pandemic protocols, the best thing to do is to inform your guests of all safety precautions before your wedding takes place. You can use Google Sheets to create an RSVP form and embed it on your website through Strikingly App Store. That said, don't add too much information either, as it can be overwhelming at times. The best thing to do is to divide your information into small, easily identifiable sections. 5) Reply form This is an optional tip for building your wedding website, as you can still go the traditional way of sending out invitations with RSVP slips. This may be preferred by your “older generation” guests, but those younger enough might be happier with your online RSVP form.