Help for display the Files(1) similar to Comments (0)

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Help for display the Files(1) similar to Comments (0)

Postby 03016t0904 » 02 Jan 2019, 10:26

Hi Comments(0) shows the number of comments present.
I need help in displaying Files(1) currently it shows as Files.

if(param('enableCommentsForApartments', 1)){
$comment = null;

$items[Yii::t('module_comments','Comments').' ('.Comment::countForModel('Apartment', $data->id).')'] = array(
'content' => $this->renderPartial('//modules/apartments/views/_tab_comments', array(
'model' => $data,
), true),
'id' => 'tab_5',

if(isset($data->apDocuments) && count($data->apDocuments)){
$items[tc('Documents')] = array(
'content' => $this->renderPartial('//modules/apartments/views/__table_documents_view', array(
'apartment' => $data,
), true),
'id' => 'tab_8',

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